EXO Zion Slalom S

The new river kayak: much more than a river canoe, turns river play into pure excitement

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Zion Slalom S, the younger sibling of the larger Zion Slalom L, is a river kayak that combines ease of use with performance that no other River Play kayak can boast.
It’s fast, responsive, and offers excellent control, with an easily plantable stern.
The new stern shape allows for different use, especially in situations where you need to immerse the stern for boofs or tackle particularly technical passages.
The river canoe Zion Slalom S is equipped with two metal-core handles, cockpit drain holes, easily adjustable seat and backrest, plastic reinforcement pillar with bottle holder/rope, impact-resistant footrest embedded in the pillar, ensuring great stability and a foam rear pillar.

Category: River canoes and kayaks
Available in: Blue, Yellow, Pink, Red, Green, Black-Red, Black-Green, Black-Blue, Black-Pink, Red-Yellow