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For 25 years, Our company, starting simply because of the passion for the sport PERSONS one, designs and builds kayaking and canoeing. IN years, In addition to developing more than 60 models, initially produced for outsourcing only Important European brands, HAS Also Dedicated announcement Other products rotational Destined for Industry. So we and Formed A great experience in the use of sophisticated materials, are reaching ingeneristiche Innovative Solutions for Production of molds. Thanks to these assumptions, our company and became a partner Important UN MANY European Groups in the furnishing field, audio, campers etc … In 2008, AFTER A Production of the Contraction to a general reorganization of the Market the Group of the United Nations of prominent businessmen has given life to Kplast Ltd, which acquires the industrial part of the previous company, without losing the historical experience, and invests on the development and promotion of the new “EXO” brand, developing a Project that in just a few years and is stated on the market for the excellent design work, commercial and organizational.


We have achieved an excellent commercial results thanks to targeted promotional activities, participation of our “EXO EXTREME Pro Team” to manifestations of extreme kayaking in every part of the world, the realization of events, such as “EXO KAYAK GAME” and “EXO KAYAK RACE” involving kayakers keen on the highest level and neophytes, that more and more approaching the sport. In our twenty years of business we have developed well-3 polo kayak models, which have allowed sports clubs to the development of the sport at reasonable costs. Also our team pole “SESTRISULMARE” using “XP3”, canoe for newly designed center and excellent performance similar to those of carbon kayaks, was in the canoe polo championship with great results


Our technical department develops all new models with the latest technology, using 3D modeling programs and realization of molds CNC (computer numerical control), specific x these projects. For this reason, the thirty-year deep knowledge of the world of kayaking and directions provided to us by a team of canoeists world famous and highly experienced have allowed our designers to build very sophisticated models with very low margins of error, leading to more than four fulfillment new projects of successful kayaks year.