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For over 35 years, our company has been founded on a passion for the sport of kayaking. Initially, we designed and built kayaks and canoes on behalf of major European brands. Over the years, we have developed over 60 models and expanded our production to include other rotational products for the industry.
Our expertise extends to the use of sophisticated materials and the adoption of innovative engineering solutions for mold-making and cutting-edge molding techniques.

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Our EXO kayaks represent much more than simple boats; they are the result of over thirty-five years of passion and dedication. Each kayak is the outcome of an extensive process of researching cutting-edge technologies and continuous development following the latest trends.
With our 35 years of experience and our extensive product catalog, EXO has become a point of reference for all water activities, suitable for paddlers of every level, from beginners to professionals, from occasional users to extreme water experts.
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