EXO Zion Creek S

The new addition to the river kayak family: much more than a river canoe

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Zion Creek is truly surprising, an innovative river kayak that sets itself apart from all others.

The smaller sibling of the larger Zion Creek L, it is suitable for a paddler of small to medium build, weighing from 50 to 75 kg.

From the first strokes, you get the sense of speed and great maneuverability, almost as if you’re not on a Creek model. The feeling is of superb kayak mastery, always able to handle any situation as the protagonist. It’s a unique and special sensation that can only be understood by trying it.

The front ‘keel’ makes its presence known; just tilt the Zion to start turning, and even at low speeds, the response is immediate.

Jumping over holes is truly child’s play, and the kayak’s stability remains very high at all times. The new stern shape allows for different use, especially in situations where you need to immerse the stern for boofs or tackle particularly technical passages.

The river canoe Zion Creek S is equipped with five metal-core handles, cockpit drain holes, easily adjustable seat and backrest, plastic reinforcement pillar with bottle holder/rope, impact-resistant footrest embedded in the rib, ensuring great stability and a foam rear pillar.

Category: River canoes and kayaks
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