EXO Zion Creek L

La Nuova Generazione di Kayak da Fiume

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The new river kayak from the EXO Kayak family: much more than just a river canoe.

Zion Creek is an innovative river kayak that stands out from all other models on the market. As the larger sibling of the Creek S model, it’s designed for paddlers of medium to large build, weighing between 75 and 100 kg. Right from the first strokes, you feel a sensation of speed and extraordinary maneuverability, almost as if you’re not using a classic Creek kayak. The mastery of the kayak is exceptional, allowing you to handle every situation with great skill. This sensation is unique and needs to be personally experienced to fully comprehend its effect.

The ‘keel’ front makes its presence known; simply tilting the Zion slightly initiates a turn. Even at low speeds, the response is immediate. Jumping over obstacles becomes child’s play, and the kayak’s stability remains consistently high. The new stern shape allows for versatile use, especially
in situations where you need to immerse the rear to tackle boofs or particularly technical passages.

This river kayak is equipped with five metal-core handles, cockpit drain holes, easily adjustable seat and backrest, plastic reinforcement rib with bottle holder/rope, and impact-resistant footrest embedded in the pillar. These features provide exceptional solidity to the kayak, while the foam rear pillar ensures additional stability.

Zion Creek L represents the new generation of river kayaks, offering exceptional performance and functionality for paddlers who want to push their limits and embark on unforgettable water adventures.”

Category: River canoes and kayaks
Available in: Blue, Yellow, Pink, Red, Green, Black-Red, Black-Green, Black-Blue, Black-Pink, Red-Yellow