River kayak redesigned specifically for schools and kayak rentals

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It is the completion of the XT family of river kayaks. Like the other XT models, the XTCREEK is characterized by a planing hull and solid sides, making it ideal for paddlers who appreciate these features.

The XTCREEK is designed to be the easiest and most cost effective river kayak for newcomers to the sport, primarily targeting beginners and schools. It features new, simple, minimalist interiors, without ribs and with built in footrests.

EXO Kayak XTCREEK offers incredible stability and ease of handling thanks to its planing hull, ensuring a predictable and smooth performance, along with excellent speed and agility.

This kayak is particularly suitable for robust and larger paddlers looking for a lightweight and maneuverable boat capable of tackling challenging rapids in various operating conditions.

The maximum load capacity of the XTCREEK exceeds 100 kg, making it suitable for paddlers weighing more than that value.

Category: River canoes and kayaks
Available in: Blue, Red, Green, Black-Red, Black-Green, Black-Blue