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EXO Kayak’s XM515 is a sea kayak designed using digital modeling software, specifically crafted for long-distance excursions. This vessel offers top-notch performance and speed in the sea kayak market.

The XM515 features an aerodynamic design that promotes speed and efficiency on the water.
It’s ideal for those who wish to embark on long and unforgettable sea adventures.

This kayak is equipped with a front hatch, a rear hatch, and a central hatch, providing ample storage space for gear and supplies needed during extended journeys. The two plastic handles make transporting the kayak to and from the water easy, while leash attachments ensure the safety of equipment tethered to the boat. The perimeter line and bungee cord kit allow for secure attachment of additional items and gear.

Furthermore, the XM515 kayak is prearranged with a front space for the installation of navigation instruments and navigation lights, enhancing safety and navigation experience on longer stretches.

Choose EXO Kayak’s XM515 for your sea adventures and discover the excellence of performance and speed in a kayak designed specifically for long-duration excursions.

Category: Sea canoes and kayaks
Available in: Red, Green, White-Green, White-Blue