A lightweight, responsive, and predictable river kayak in any situation

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The T Rex L is the result of a team project in the field of river canoes. The continuous rocker, along with a flatter stern, allows for easy boofing without compromising the boat’s speed. The rounded sides provide stability and make the kayak easy to handle even at high speeds. Changing direction has never been so easy with a whitewater kayak.
The upper hull is optimized to resurface easily. The rounded shape of the T Rex L makes it ideal for experienced paddlers and beginners looking for a stable and responsive boat.

Despite its generous size, thanks to the intelligent distribution of volumes, you feel like you’re paddling a smaller boat but with the advantages of volume. EXO’s goal was to create a no compromise boat, ideal for tackling steep creeks, high volumes, and extreme whitewater races. The T Rex L has been entirely designed using digital modeling methods, which include a significant amount of computer simulations to assess the model’s dynamic behavior in different water environments.

This river kayak is equipped with five metal core handles for easy transport, cockpit drain holes to keep the boat dry, easily adjustable seat and backrest, a plastic reinforcement rib with a bottle holder/rope, an impact resistant footrest embedded in the pillar, and a sturdy foam rear pillar.

Category: River canoes and kayaks
Available in: Blue, Yellow, Pink, Red, Green, Black-Red, Black-Green, Black-Blue, Black-Pink, Red-Yellow