EXO Swing

The sit on top kayak for versatile navigation and excellent stability

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EXO sit on top kayak Swing: an unsinkable sea canoe with high directional stability and speed, thanks to its hydrodynamic and tapered keel.

Swing is a historic sea kayak model that has all the features to offer excellent performance in terms of lightness (probably the lightest in its category, weighing only 20 kg) and maneuverability.

With a length of 450 cm, the Swing kayak represents an excellent compromise between speed, stability, and performance. Its rockere d bow and stern allow for optimal navigation, especially in the presence of sea waves.

Equipped with two inspection hatches, one located at the base of the footrest and the other just behind the paddler, the Swing kayak offers ample storage capacity. It al so features an additional bow compartment for an extra removable hatch.

The integrated footrest, adjustable in various sizes, accommodates different paddler heights. The maximum load capacity of the kayak is 90 kg.

To facilitate transportation, the Swing k ayak is equipped with four handles, two of which are rubberized on the sides, providing a firm and secure grip during transport.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paddler, the Swing sit on top kayak will offer you a pleasant, safe, and adventurou s sea kayaking experience.

Category: Sit-on-top canoes and kayaks
Available in: Red, Green, White-Green, White-Blue