EXO Shark 2 Sport

The two seater sit on top canoe for dynamic excursions

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The EXO Shark 2 Sport is the tandem sit on top kayak derived from the smaller EXO Shark 1. This kayak is known for its unsinkable design, comfort, speed, and adaptability for children.

The EXO Shark 2 Sport is ideal for kayak rentals and short, dynamic excursions. It can be easily maneuvered by a single person and is designed to accommodate two adults and a child in the center.

Equipped with attachment rings, stern and center anchor straps, rigid handles on the tips, and a convenient front bungee cord kit for gear storage, the EXO Shark 2 Sport provides a complete solution for transporting equipment and accessories during your kayaking adventures.

The removable waterproof kayak hatch provides additional space for securely storing your gear and keeping everything dry during your water outings. Additionally, the double padded removable seats ensure comfort and support even during more intense sessions.

Choose the EXO Shark 2 Sport to experience exciting kayaking adventures with your friends or family, enjoying superior performance and exceptional comfort.

Category: Sit-on-top canoes and kayaks
Available in: Yellow, Red, Green, White-Green, White-Blue