EXO Shark 1 Sport

The single seater sit on top kayak for dynamic adventures

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The EXO Shark 1 Sport is a medium sized, one person sit on top kayak designed to offer ease, stability, and speed. This versatile kayak is suitable for beginners, children, kayak rentals, and recreational kayakers.

The one person sport version of the renowned Shark 2, the EXO Kayak Sit on Top Shark 1 Sport provides an exciting and dynamic water experience. Its well balanced shape ensures stability, while its compact size allows for agile and fast maneuvering.

Equipped with attachment rings to secure necessary accessories, a watertight kayak hatch at the stern to keep your personal items safe during your adventures. It also has rigid rubber side handles on the tips for easy transport and a convenient front bungee cord kit for gear storage. The removable padded seat ensures maximum comfort during your extended kayaking trips.

Choose the EXO Shark 1 Sport and enjoy exciting one person kayak experiences, exploring rivers, lakes, and seas with ease and safety.

Category: Sit-on-top canoes and kayaks
Available in: Yellow, Red, Green, White-Green, White-Blue