EXO Navigator

The versatile canoe for lakes and calm seas

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The EXO Navigator is a sea kayak produced by EXO, ideal for medium to long-distance touring.

Characterized by a narrow hull and high ends, this kayak offers exceptional performance on the water.

Thanks to its length and shape, the EXO Navigator provides speeds comparable to composite sea kayaks, ensuring an efficient and enjoyable paddling experience.

Considered one of the best sea kayaks available on the market, the EXO Navigator is suitable for kayak rentals and short or long-distance excursions, even in rough sea conditions.

Equipped with adjustable footrests, a bow bungee kit, optional perimeter rope, ergonomic seat, and thermoformed anatomical backrest, this kayak offers a good level of comfort for larger paddlers.

The EXO Navigator also features a double watertight hatch, providing ample storage space for your gear and accessories.

Choose from the various available color options and combinations to customize your EXO Navigator and enjoy exciting adventures at sea.

Category: Sea canoes and kayaks
Available in: Red, Green, White-Green, White-Blue