EXO Manarola

The versatile canoe for lakes and calm seas

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The EXO Manarola is a rigid canoe suitable for navigation on calm lakes and seas. This model is perfect for beginners and newcomers who want to get into the world of kayaking.

Thanks to its compact size, the EXO Manarola is extremely versatile, suitable for both short trips and medium-distance excursions.
Whether you are on a lake or in the sea, you can enjoy the pleasure of navigating with ease.

Equipped with integrated footrests, a watertight stern hatch, and bow bungee kit, the EXO Manarola offers convenience and storage space for your gear and accessories.

Choose the EXO Manarola to explore calm waters and have a unique outdoor experience.

Category: Sea canoes and kayaks
Available in: Red, Green, White-Green, White-Blue