EXO Ladigue

The ideal two-seater kayak for fishing

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The Ladigue by EXO Kayak is a two-seater kayak with a large cockpit, ideal for fishing. This open kayak is suitable for lake and sea excursions, and is equipped with a unique feature: the ability to move the front seat back to the central position. This feature allows you to easily transform the kayak into a single vessel, making it an ideal option for those who wish to use it as a fishing canoe.

The Ladigue offers enough space to comfortably accommodate two people during fishing activities, allowing them to move freely and access their gear. Thanks to its stability and well-balanced design, this kayak offers a pleasant fishing experience in different water conditions.

Explore the waters and enjoy your passion for fishing with the Ladigue by EXO Kayak, the ideal companion for your aquatic adventures.

Category: Fun canoes and kayaks
Available in: Yellow, Red, Green, White-Green, White-Blue