EXO Helixir L

Freestyle kayak designed by champion Quim Fontané, in collaboration with the famous shaper Guillaume Respaud

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EXO Kayak, in exclusive production, presents Helixir, the freestyle kayak designed by champion Quim Fontané,in collaboration with the famous shaper Guillaume Respaud.

Helixir is the ultimate freestyle kayak in the EXO Kayak range. It’s equipped with a simple, high-performance, and intuitive outfitting system designed to be extra-light and durable. Its design has been specifically engineered to offer maximum responsiveness and maneuverability during water acrobatics.

The key features of Helixir include:

• Adjustable backrest with a cord system for personalized comfort.
• Shaped and adjustable foam footrest set that fits perfectly to your boat.
• Included Over-thruster for extra performance during rotation.
• Adjustable seat with EXO Rail technology for improved support and stability.
• Compact and rigid foam center block for superior hull responsiveness.

Whether you’re an experienced freestyler or just beginning to venture into the world of kayak acrobatics, Helixir will provide outstanding performance and an unforgettable freestyle experience.

Category: River canoes and kayaks
Available in: Blue, Yellow, Pink, Red, Green, Black-Red, Black-Blue, Black-Yellow, Black-Pink, Red-Yellow

Helixir is available in three sizes to accommodate various paddler body types:
• L: for paddlers weighing between 70 and 90 kg.
• S: for paddlers weighing between 45 and 75 kg.
• XS: for paddlers weighing up to 50 kg.