EXO Bay 1 Sport

The sporty and versatile single seater sit on top kayak

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The EXO Bay 1 Sport is the sporty, accessorized version of our compact, stable, and fun sit on top kayak. Its user friendly design makes it safe and suitable for all experience levels.

Among the shortest sit on top kayaks in the EXO Kayak range, the Bay 1 is highly maneuverable and ideal for kayak rentals, beginners, children, and kayak schools. It provides security through a self draining system, ensuring peace of mind on the water.

Thanks to its design, the EXO Bay 1 Sport can accommodate paddlers of up to 100 kg, offering comfort and stability during your adventures.

Equipped with two rubber side handles and plastic handles at the ends for easy transport, as well as a front bungee cord kit, padded seat, and a dry storage hatch, the Bay 1 Sport provides advanced convenience and functionality.

Its distinctive shape allows for easy stacking, saving storage space when not in use.

Choose the EXO Bay 1 Sport for exciting sit on top kayak experiences, maximizing your athletic abilities and enjoying exceptional comfort.

Category: Sit-on-top canoes and kayaks
Available in: Yellow, Red, Green