EXO Artic Kayak

The perfect sea kayak for medium and long-distance tourism

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The EXO Artic Kayak is a sea kayak produced by EXO, ideal for medium to long-distance touring.

Characterized by a streamlined hull and high ends, it offers exceptional performance on the water.

This kayak is considered one of the best sea kayaks on the market and is particularly suitable for kayak rentals and short or long-distance excursions, even in rough sea conditions.

Equipped with adjustable footrests, a bow storage net, optional perimeter rope, ergonomic seat, and thermoformed anatomical backrest, the EXO Artic Kayak ensures optimal comfort for larger paddlers.

Featuring a double hatch, optional perimeter line, and bow storage net.

Choose from the various available color options and combinations to customize your kayak and experience a unique adventure on the water’s surface.

Category: Sea canoes and kayaks
Available in: White, Red, White-Green, White-Blue