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The kayaks Exo products by K Plast Srl are guaranteed for any defects of production of the hull and its components for three (3) years from the original purchase date.

Warranty operation:

• During the first year of ownership, this warranty covers repair or replacement of the hull and all other components to 100% of the recommended retail price.
• During the second year of ownership, this warranty covers repair or replacement of the hull and all other components to 60% of the recommended retail price.
• During the third year of ownership, this warranty covers repair or replacement of the hull and all other components to 40% of the recommended retail price.

Models sold as “2nd choice” and / or demo kayaks are covered by a limited warranty of two years starting from the original purchase date: for the hull and all other components to 60% of the price of the recommended retail price for the first year, and to 40% for the second and last year.

This limited warranty is valid only with the purchase of an Exo Kayak from an authorized exo retailer or directly from the manufacturer.

Register your kayak to activate the warranty

Thank you for choosing to buy exo kayaks. it is necessary to activate your warranty with an online registration on the website www.exokayak.com, save the original receipt to present it in case of warranty interventions and contact the authorized dealer or distributor.

In the absence of the proof of purchase the warranty can not be activated.

If you have a problem with the kayak and you suspect that it may be due to a defect of the material or manufacturing, contact the nearest authorized exclusive dealer or Exo Kayaks (K Plast Srl) directly.
If after the control carried out by Exo or an authorized dealer suggests a defectable attributed to the materials or manufacturing, kplast srl will repair or replace the kayak, by activating the warranty system stated above, according to the type of kayak and the date of purchase.
The proof of purchase such as a receipt of sale, invoice or fiscal receipt might be requested. If the repair or the evaluation of intervention of the warranty is requested at Exo (K Plast Srl) the shipping costs are still to be covered by the customer, usually estimated at € 80.00 taxes included.

If the service is required in a country which is not the country of purchase, the consumer must respect all the export laws and regulations and will be responsible for all customs duties, added value (vat) and other taxes and connected charges. For the international service the exo distributor can repair or replace products and parts with defects products in accordance with local regulations.
Exo (K Plast Srl) preserves the right of intervention of warranty through repair or replacement of defective products or components. Moreover, it reserves the right to replace original kayaks with the same product or with analogues.

Limitations and exclusions:

This limited warranty does not apply to:
• Normal wear and aging of the product.
• Kayaks damaged by extreme environmental climatic conditions.
• Kayaks damaged by accident, negligence, misusage or handling.
• Kayaks which has been drawned by motor boats or sailboats
• Kayaks which have been used for different activities besides it’s main purpose
• Kayaks that were structurally or dimensionally altered or modified.
• Kayaks used for commercial purposes or rental, for these last cases, different conditions apply.

This warranty disclaims from direct or indirect damages or expenses arising from eventual defects. K Plast Srl’s liability will be limited to an amount equal to the original purchase price of the consumer paid for the defective product. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of direct or indirect damages, so the above exclusion may not be applied.

In no case shall K Plast Srl be responsable for direct or indirect damages.
The warranty gives you specific rights and, in certain cases, other rights that vary from state to state. The guarantee is valid for United States and Canada. The international guarantees for K Plast Srl are managed directly through our distributors and dealers.

To the extent to which every restriction or exclusion contained in this document go against the legislation of any country, this limitation or exclusion will be separable and all other terms will remain in force to all the effects and are valid and effective.

This warranty gives you specific rights and in certain cases, other rights. for consumers which are covered by regulations to protect consumers, the benefits of this guarantee are in addition to all rights of such laws and regulations for consumer protection.

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