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Cap 5: Ekstremsport Veko experience & Guinness World Records

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Once again, when the white page appears in front of me, the most difficult part is trying to order all the news I’d love to give you. The period I’m living, closely linked to the brand one, is constantly and perpetually evolving, and life is so intense that the hours of sleep are inversely proportional to those of growth.


Let’s start from the journey. Casarza – Exo Kayak – Voss. Intense, long, sprawling. Three days, with an average of 10 hours spent at the wheel, in a row of 2500 endless kilometers. I arrived at Voss struggling to remember my name. I do not prolong to the (well-rounded) search of the Norwegian customs forces to which I managed to pass under the nose a quantity of Boof Beer and Santero bottles that could be drank by entire army.

When I finally reached my destination, I was friendly greeted by Julian, whose I met this winter on a Chilean beach while surfing, and currently head of the Press and Media Coverage section of Ekstremsport Veko. He explains to me that the following morning we’ll have a intense and short communication and marketing course to prepare the Press Team, 10 young guns chosen by him, to cover the event in the best professional way. My job was to do as a correspondent for Kayak Session Magazine, the only magazine I’m sure to buy until my death. A great honour.

When the festival finally begins, I was so excited and happy to forget all the accumulated fatigue I’ve ever had! I went around to try to find stories to report for the magazine, made a test centre for the wonderful T-Rex, that I bring on the roof of my sparkling home, prepare for racing and compete, spent hours talking with friends from all over the world, drink and party every night in the main festival tent. Well, at the end of the festival I had a 24 hour fever at 40°. Well Deserve. But I would did it again a thousand times.


In summary, everything went great, the work of improvised journalist was highly appreciated and I hope for a more stable collaboration. The contacts obtained for both me and Exo Kayak precious. And now I am even considered has a true international pro for parties. As I said, everything went great.


Once the festival was over, I was finally taking part of one of the most beautiful and affiliated groups of kayakers, among Frenchies, Swiss and Czech. We started like last year’s adventure, traveling around and kayaking every day, but the challenge ahead of us was way bigger: helping Eric Deguil to beat the record of steepest altitude ever ran in 24 hours, a Guinness of the Primates record. Now, I assure you I had completely underestimated the test until I was living it. It was one of the most intense and beautiful experiences of my life, which I will bring in me forever. The Skjorli is undoubtedly the most continuous and steep river I have ever done in my life. 10 km of WW 4 ° / 5 ° with maybe, maybe I say, 2 eddies. Embarrassing. Super hardcore both mentally and physically. Wonderful and soooooo much fun. We were in 6 to give Eric a hand to do his business. We rotated: some driving the Exo Van for the small dirt road that took us to the put-in, some cooked something, some took pictures and videos, and always one or two of us in the water with him. Well Eric managed to demolished the previous record by raising the barrier to 4700 and some altitude meters. With the T-Rex, among other things. 12 laps on Skjorli. I’ve followed him for 4, and I swear to you that despite 30 hours I still do not feel my back and arms. I’m really in admiration for the record Eric did, and at every take-out, as I looked into his eyes, I could see the flame of determination that only the biggest champions have burning in them.


Now I’m in the airport waiting for my three new trip companions from the Exo Team, Dani, Kathi and Greg, with whom I am preparing to live the next wonderful adventure: North Exploration man!


photo: Jakub sedivy