XTC is liquid ecstasy… The completion of the XT range for paddlers who want to safely and easy rise on more challenging rivers!

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Indicated to all river’s rats who aspire to go bigger in steep and volume creeks. It keeps the advantages of the flat planing hull typical of the XT-series with some extra wisely distributed volume.

Whit this kayak Exo aims to provide a product suitable for experienced paddlers as well as those who are still technically growing. Approach the more technical descents with the stability of a flat bottom is an irreplaceable aid. At the same time, the XTC maintains ease of handling and speed, typical characteristics of the two smaller sisters the XT300 and the XT260.


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CODICE AA0048800__ <br>LUNGHEZZA: 258 cm / LENGTH: 8' 46" <br>LARGHEZZA: 65 cm / WIDTH: 25,79" <br>POZZETTO Est.: 89*49 cm / EXT. COCKPIT: 35,04"*19,29" <br>POZZETTO Int.: 81*42 cm / INT. COCKPIT 31,89"*16,54" <br>POSTI: 1 / SEAT: 1 <br>PESO 20 Kg / WEIGHT: 44,09 lb <br>PESO CANOISTA 65/100 Kg / PADDLER WEIGHT: 143,30-220,46 lb


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