Strong and light polo kayak, follow the ICF rules, ideal for school and Polo team.

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Ultralight and resistent with caracteristic comparable to fiber-glass model. Xp3 offers the opportunity for dynamic play and rapid counter attacking. Integrated bumpers, ergonomic seat and lightness guarantee great performance


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CODICE AA0037300__<br>LUNGHEZZA: 300 cm / LENGTH: 9' 84"<br>LARGHEZZA: 58 cm / WIDTH: 22,83"<br>POZZETTO Est.: 79*50 cm / EXT. COCKPIT: 31,10"*19,69"<br>POZZETTO Int.: 72*43 cm / INT. COCKPIT 28,35"*16,93"<br>POSTI: 1 / SEAT: 1<br>PESO 12 Kg / WEIGHT: 26,46 lb<br>PESO CANOISTA 50/90 Kg / PADDLER WEIGHT: 110,23-198,42lb


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