T-Rex S

T-Rex S

With T-Rex S the T-Rex range is complete T-Rex S that meets the needs of canoeists with a weight range of between 50 and 75 kg.
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The T-Rex S model completes the T-rex range meeting the needs of canoeists with a weight range between 50 and 75 kg.

Similar features of the older sister, speed, stability, ease of use, and easy boof are the features that make this model the perfect complement to the range.



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CODICE AA0038600__LUNGHEZZA: 270 cm / LENGTH: 8' 86"LARGHEZZA: 66,5 cm / WIDTH: 26,18"VOLUME: 345 L / VOLUME:91,14 galPOZZETTO Est.: 90*50 cm / EXT. COCKPIT: 35,43"*19,69"POZZETTO Int.: 84*44 cm / INT. COCKPIT 33,07"*17,32"POSTI: 1 / SEAT: 1PESO 21 Kg / WEIGHT: 46,3 lbPESO CANOISTA: 70/100 Kg / PADDLER WEIGHT: 154,32-220,46lb


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