Shark 1 Sport

Shark 1 Sport

Shark 1 Sport is an extremely simple kayak to use and suitable for sea trip or lake excursion.

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Same model as Shark 1, equipped with removable waterproof storage and seat. Shark 1- Light, stable and with good directionality, it is perfect for novice, for school and for rental companies, includes bailing system that makes it unsinkable.

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CODICE AA0002402__<br>LUNGHEZZA: 347 cm / LENGTH: 11′ 38″<br>LARGHEZZA: 72 cm / WIDTH: 28,74″<br>POZZETTO Est.: -<br>POZZETTO Int.: -POSTI: 1+1/2 / SEAT: 1+1/2<br>PESO 19 Kg / WEIGHT: 41,89 lb<br>PESO CANOISTA: 50/100 Kg / PADDLER WEIGHT: 110,23-220,46lb


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