Kayak polyethylene intended attivita river youth racing downhill. Chosen by the best river descent Club.

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This is the first K 1 Polyethylene Descent designed specifically for the river youth activities. The low side, the reduced volumes, rounded bottom combined with the robustness and security of this kayak, make it the ideal companion for young paddlers. The affordable price and the extraordinary strength make it the right tool for the Club that invest their resources in the development of this discipline.

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CODICE AA0003400__<br>LUNGHEZZA: 381 cm / LENGTH: 12' 5"<br>LARGHEZZA: 62 cm / WIDTH: 24,41"<br>POZZETTO Est.: 68*42 cm / EXT. COCKPIT: 26,77"*16,54"<br>POZZETTO Int.: 63*37 cm / INT. COCKPIT 24,8"*14,57"<br>POSTI: 1 / SEAT: 1<br>PESO: 14 Kg / WEIGHT: 30,86 lb<br>PESO CANOISTA: 40-70 Kg / PADDLER WEIGHT: 88,18-154,32lb


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