Kayak designed for use in river descent competitions, competitive use for young people and pre-competition scouting for adults.

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Fastwave – Stability even in rough waters, easy to handle thanks to its compact dimension. It features regulation handles, adjustable footrest, and reinforcement ribs in closed-cell expanded material. The only Otalian kayak in polyethylene in this category that guarantees safety, strength and durability.


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CODICE AA0000100__<br>LUNGHEZZA: 420 cm / LENGTH: 13' 78"<br>LARGHEZZA: 62 cm / WIDTH:24,41<br>POZZETTO Est.: 72*43 cm / EXT. COCKPIT: 28,35"*16,93"<br>POZZETTO Int.: 67*39 cm / INT. COCKPIT: 26,38"*15,35"<br>POSTI: 1 / SEAT: 1<br>PESO: 18 Kg / WEIGHT: 39,68 lb<br>PESO CANOISTA: 50-100 Kg / PADDLER WEIGHT: 110,23-220,46lb