Chapter 2: Pyrénées Buddie Race

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Here we are! The second seasonal meeting of the Exo Tour 2017 has come to an end. This time, the new Exo van  crashed miles to finally arrive to the Pyrenees, where the Buddie Race was held on Saturday, the first of the four races that will elect the European champion of the EKEC ( European Kayak Extreme Competition).

More than sixty athletes challenged against each others on the narrow rapids of the Brousset, near Laruns, just at the border between France and Spain. The low water level of the river made the race even more technical and tight. First a team race was held, than 2 qualifying rounds and a final. 5 of  the 10 finalists were using the new colorful T-Rex.

Once again, the local beast Eric Deguil triumphed and took home the top spot. In the women category Nouria Newman won the race. The final party was held in conjunction with the Rugby team of the local town, celebrating the transition to an upper class. Between lots of beers and “Soupe de Champagne”, the party was held in a climate of brotherhood and happiness.

The next morning, lots of hangovered kayakers who woke up soon enough went to Spain to face the long crystal-clear water slides of the Ara River, personally among the most beautiful rivers I’ve paddled in Europe. Now we are heading quickly home to regain the forces that we’ll need to continue the Tour, which will take us next week on the French Alps at the Outdoor Mix Festival.

We will definitely be ready for it!

Keep on driving!

Jacques Gilardone

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