Cap.3: Ladies&Gent the Outdoormix

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It was almost a year that we were expecting this date and with the approaching of the fateful weekend in which the Outdoormix festival would take place, a lot of kayakers felt really excited. The mix of successive hard races and beautiful music festivals scenes usually doesn’t leave a lot of time to rest to athletes. For this and other reasons we came to the event well-trained on both sides, to be able to take home the maximum points.

A Klotzi-Haller Attack Team on the river and an effective / efficient Daprà-Gilardone on the back to maintain high the honor of the Team even in the deepest hours of the evening. The 3-day races took place on several stretches of Guil:
Sprint on Chateau Queyras with boatercross on the bottom –
Slalom on the “grid”
Long race on the final strech until the lake.

At night, however, the front shifted to a stage where world-famous artists were performing on the beautiful stage facing the Serpencon Lake, and at the bar. where they were really fast and professional to spin beer. The presence of so many excellent French kayakers and athletes from all over Europe created a climate of “general well-being”, where everything went smoothly well, everybody had crazy fun,  lots of interesting people were connected and everybody felt as if we were consciously sharing the same good things together. Even under the rain, that was pouring down for a good half of the festival. And despite the (really few) hours of rest. But all this has only made the festival experience more epic.

See you next year Outdoor Mix

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